1. Ministry of Education (MOE) Regulations regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan (amended on 20201.1.22)   >>link
2. Fu Jen Catholic University (FJCU) Regulations Governing Admission of International Students (amended on 2021.5.7)    >>file
Related Regulations
1. Nationality Act (amended on 2016.12.21)   >>link
2. Enforcement Rules of the Nationality Act (amended 2017.6.8)   >>link
3. List of Private Elementary or Secondary Schools for International Residents in Taiwan (announced on 2021.2.4)   >>file
4. List of Bilingual Division (Program) Affiliated to a Domestic Senior Secondary Schools in Taiwan (announced on 2020.4.7)   >>file
5. Fu Jen Catholic University (FJCU) Academic Regulations (Chinese version) (amended on 2019.5.18)   >>file

*If there have been any changes or updates to the regulations, the latest version announced by the appropriate competent authority prevails.